My work since the early 2000s has been bringing the teaching of reading and spelling to experts and non-experts alike.

I advocate an approach to literacy which is both evidence informed and student centred. My goal is for anyone to be able to improve literacy through spelling using a method that is much more memory friendly than look/cover/write/check. It doesn't require special equipment or masses of training - just a willingness to look at spelling in a new way - using both eyes and ears.

Every teacher (yes, even those outside the English department) should know how to teach their subject specific vocabulary using the phonics trio of syllables, sounds & graphemes plus everyday morphology. And sometimes a hint of etymology. The key is not to overload with information but to support limited memory and expand vocabulary by making connections between words.

If you're looking for an age-appropriate phonics-based reading programme for teens and adults, please have a look at That Reading Thing.