I'm an expert in bringing the teaching of reading and spelling to experts and non-experts alike*.

This expertise comes from a wide-ranging background of a first class degree in English language and a secondary English teaching qualification all intertwined with years of youth work, teaching ESOL and most recently working as lead author on the post-16 phonics toolkit for further ed Functional Skills.

The result is an approach to literacy which is both research-based and student centred. My goal is for anyone to be able to improve literacy through spelling using a method that is much more memory friendly than look/cover/write/check. It doesn't require special equipment or masses of training - just a willingness to look at spelling in a new way - using both eyes and ears. People who learn to spell can reverse this knowledge to improve their reading of unfamiliar words.**

*The non-experts have done such a brilliant job over the years that many experts have also come on board. See the reviews at That Reading Thing.

** It's not, however, enough for anyone to learn to read from scratch. See That Reading Thing for that situation.

If your older students also struggle with reading: