How to Teach Spelling in 5 Steps – Infographic

 Create a culture of spelling in your classroom by following these 5 steps. That Spelling Thing is a dynamic, fun and memory-friendly alternative to look/cover/write/check. Join the TST community by connecting on Twitter or Facebook.

tion sion ssion cion (cian)

Whenever I get talking to a teacher about spelling, I offer them my brilliant idea that every school should, in the first couple of weeks of the first term, have a “-tion Day” when each first year student and teacher will adopt a useful word ending in -tion. By the end of … Read More

Syllables and Spelling

When you hear ‘syllables’, do you think about how a word appears in a dictionary? Or split across the lines in a book? Or do you think of ‘6 types of syllables’? In That Reading Thing we go mostly with the descriptive syllable method with a slight tweak in favour of suffixes … Read More

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