Spelling Test Advice for Parents and Teachers

This post is based on a long twitter post @spelling_thing. If your child has a teacher who is sending home illogical or overwhelming spelling lists, please point them here. I’m happy to answer their questions and yours! ***************** A parent has asked me for some advice on what to do with a … Read More

Spelling Complex Secondary Science Words

Struggling spellers tend to think of short words as easy and long words as hard when it’s often the little words that require more memory. The best way to convince a student of this is to use the TST ‘building with puzzle pieces’ lesson rather than going right into spelling. Building is … Read More

Spelling with a Dyslexic Adult

A treasure from 2005: how to morph That Reading Thing into That Spelling Thing for a dyslexic adult. I was working with a severely dyslexic 27-year-old whose huge sight vocabulary put him beyond TRT lessons for reading but not for spelling. He struggled with the idea of words as collections of sounds … Read More

Spelling Scars

Today’s guest blog is from Georgina Mavor, a literacy specialist and senior That Reading Thing trainer from Western Australia. Her background in psychology gives such depth to her work with students who struggle to read and write. I’m thrilled to be able to share her wisdom here. In That Spelling Thing workshops, … Read More