Spelling Scars

Today’s guest blog is from Georgina Mavor, a literacy specialist and senior That Reading Thing trainer from Western Australia. Her background in psychology gives such depth to her work with students who struggle to read and write. I’m thrilled to be able to share her wisdom here. In That Spelling Thing workshops, … Read More

How to Teach Spelling in 5 Steps – Infographic

 Create a culture of spelling in your classroom by following these 5 steps. That Spelling Thing is a dynamic, fun and memory-friendly alternative to look/cover/write/check. Join the TST community by connecting on Twitter or Facebook.

tion sion ssion cion (cian)

Whenever I get talking to a teacher about spelling, I offer them my brilliant idea that every school should, in the first couple of weeks of the first term, have a “-tion Day” when each first year student and teacher will adopt a useful word ending in -tion. By the end of … Read More

Syllables and Spelling

When you hear ‘syllables’, do you think about how a word appears in a dictionary? Or split across the lines in a book? Or do you think of ‘6 types of syllables’? In That Reading Thing we go mostly with the descriptive syllable method with a slight tweak in favour of suffixes … Read More

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