Who's it for?

It's for any classroom teacher, no matter what their subject or age group, from mid-primary to college. It's written with non-specialists in mind. You don't need to be an English teacher to get great results.

What's the format?

The book is an A4 manual - light to keep the postage down - and coil bound for easy copying of the script, student worksheets and the spelling options chart.

Any extras?

You'll also receive a pdf of more than 300 words, coded for puzzles and with hints for the trickier ones. The list is made up of words from my own 40 words list, the UK statutory spelling lists for years 3, 4, 5 and 6, the 'Dirty 30' words commonly misspelt at GCSE and a general vocabulary list from the Framework for Teaching English years 7-9.

We'll keep the spelling vibe going on Twitter and Facebook with word of the week and the opportunity to suggest your own students' nemesis words.

If I read the book, can I still come on a workshop?

Yes! The workshops will be part me talking through the content of the book and part interactive. We encourage you to bring along your experience of getting TST going in your classroom. If there are enough requests, we'll put on "phase 2" workshops for those who want to go deeper with spelling.