"Is that how spelling works? This is going to make things so much easier." ~a year 7

Mid to Upper Primary

That Spelling Thing is for anyone who is not an emergent speller -  around 8 and up. (This is unlike That Reading Thing which is can't be used for younger than 11.) So, if you teach years 3 to 6, you can have a lot of fun cracking the code and setting in place spelling strategies that will last a lifetime.

Secondary - Any & All Subjects

That Spelling Thing is for any teacher of any subject who wants their students to master both everyday and specialist curriculum vocabulary. TST started because a science teacher asked, "Can you please get them to spell 'fractional distillation'? Yes, we can.

Post-16 Phonics & Adult Literacy

That Spelling Thing is especially empowering for older learners who've always felt nervous about their spelling. 16 or 60, this memory friendly method will help them self-calm to overcome that anxiety and conquer spelling once and for all. It's life changing for people who've never felt confident filling in a form.

"By the end, even if you’re a weak speller yourself, you'll feel confident enough to put this spelling guidance into use, in your own classroom, immediately." ~ S Godsland, dyslexics.org.uk

The Book

An 82 page training manual with lessons and resources.

It's A4 & coil bound for easy copying.

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Live online workshop for up t o 8 people.

'Strength-based spelling' for (almost) anyone.

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Reading Help

Your older struggling readers will benefit

from a few 1-1 hours of That Reading Thing.

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" I have SpLD training, but your explanation of using syllables for spelling has been the best I have ever had, so clear and simple."